About Us

Chairman’s Statement

Dear dealers and business partners,

Nile block, one of the largest companies in the field of manufacturing cement products, is trying to take constant steps as a strong
investor to achieve success, development and positively affects on the Egyptian economy for a better tomorrow in cement industries
And as we consider part of the daily life for thousands customers inside Egypt, we have taken care to keep the maximum average
in cement bricks manufacture and interlock of all sizes not only, but we insist that we drive this industry and get the first rank to
accomplish the requirements of our valued customers of the product and offer the best price .

Our vision that we strive to achieve in the next few years is to manufacture high Quality products and friendly to the environment.
Our main advantage is trying to make our products leading and distinguished as our competitors and offer services to our customers
at the highest level of excellence.
As a representative of the Egyptian economy, we consider ourselves responsible for the economy success we believe that in order to
achieve this success we must commit to constantly developing ourselves for the better.
We are proud to thank our customers for the great confident that you given us for choosing our company products we promise that
we continue to provide the best products, services and will be side to side for a better tomorrow and we will inform you by the recent
of our success.

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Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Nile Block is keen to make its vision of the future based on
the strategy of progress and development through the use of
modern methods of work and production. we have a high level
of trained team that use modern technology in work , use the
highest rates of quality , safety and follow the modern methods of
production to obtain the best quality For their products

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce and deliver high quality products and provide our
services on the highest level of development, keeping abreast of modern
technology and always keen to continue develop for a better tomorrow.

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