Quality Management

Quality Management


The most important of our interests is to establish a quality control department for the
finished products in accordance with the Egyptian standard specifications. Not only that,
but we worked to make the quality of our products according to American standards
(ASTM) and the British standards (BS) in order to meet all the requirements of our
As mentioned above, we use high quality raw materials and friendly to the
environment and we do periodic tests of our products to achieve the required
quality so that we can satisfy our customers to the best.
We have equipped a laboratory to test the quality of products at the highest
level of technology and under supervision of trained engineers have a high
degree of efficiency in order to improve the quality of our products and
always access our products to leadership in the field of manufacturing
cement products.

Environmental Policy


The basics of Nile Block environmental policy is to
protect the environment by minimizing the direct
and indirect negative impacts of all the products
Nile Bricks Slogan

Our Environment Safety .. Is Our Responsibility


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